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Share Buyback: what is Share Buyback, Benefit of share buyback, Why Share Buyback

Share Buyback - Definition and Benefits

Today we will learn about the very interesting concept of the stock market, Share Buyback. We will know what is Share Buyback? What is the function of share buybacks? How do investors benefit from share buybacks, Other reasons for Share Buyback, etc?

Share Buyback

    What are share buybacks? 

    Buyback is a concept in which the company buys its own shares from the market. This can be seen as an investment on the company's own. The buyback reduces the number of shares of the company in the market. It is also considered a method of corporate reshuffling. There can be many reasons for the buyback.

    When a company repurchases shares of stock issued by its company, it is called share buyback. Typically, buybacks are seen when the company issuing the shares pays its retail investor shareholders a market price per share. The company then opposes redistributing some of its own that it previously distributed as share buybacks between both private and public investors.

    What is the function of share buybacks?

    Company-approved share buybacks allow an investor to get value on the invested amount that has been allocated to him as a buyback. Through the process of share buyback, companies are able to distribute cash reserves or additional reserves to their shareholders. In particular, they do so when they choose to repurchase shares shared at a premium without making further plans for expansion.


    How do investors benefit from share buybacks?

    Share Buyback

    Buyback is considered good for investors because the company buys shares at a higher price than its investors. Many times the company brings buyback even at 20% to 30% higher price, which gives investors huge profits in a few weeks. The buyback benefits only to investors who are the Existing Shareholders of the company.

    Apart from this, investors who have invested in the company for a long time, who do not participate in buybacks, also get the benefit. Because the share price of any company increases after the buyback. Due to which the price of the stock keeps rising and the investor also gets a good return on the investment made by him.

    There are many more reasons to buyback:

    1. Increase in profit per share

    2. Increase promoter's share in the company

    3. Avoiding someone else's take over

    4. Demonstrate promoter's confidence in the company

    5. Stop the fall in share price

    6. The buyback shows the confidence of the company, hence its announcement raises the share price.

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