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What is Investing, Value investing Vs Growth Investing, Value investing, Growth Investing


Today we will talk about stock stock market investing and its types: growth investing and value investing. Points which we will cover in this post -
  • Value investing.
  • Growth Investing.
  • Value investing Vs Growth Investing.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Growth Investing.
  • Stock Investing: Know More About Growth Investing Strategies.
  • The Difference Between Value Investing vs Growth Investing.
  • value vs growth stocks performance.
    Stock Market Investing

    The biggest names in Stock Market Investing that come in India are Rakesh Jhunjunwala and Warren Wafe of America, there are many other people who have achieved a lot of success in Stock Market Investing. But their names are taken the most in relation to making a huge portfolio from a small investment.

    If we talk about Investing in Stock Market, then the investor in the market is the one who buys the shares of a company with the expectation that its prices will increase in future and he keeps on waiting for his shares to rise to his expected price. is. An investor can wait for more time i.e. from one year to several years for the increase in the price of shares.

    Such investors who invest their money in stock market for a long time. Well there are two types of Investor.
    1. Value Investor
    2. Growth Investor

    Value Investing Vs Growth Investing

    Value Investing Vs Growth Investing

    Value Investing

    The objective of Value Investing is to identify the emerging industry and emerging industry which is going to grow a lot in future.

    Among the companies starting today in the high growth sectors in FUTURE by Value Investing, identifying Fundamentally good companies and making long term investments in them earn huge profits.

    If you come to know today that there is a company which is going to develop like INFOSYS in the coming future, then you can make a lot of money by doing a long term investment in that company. Value Investor are engaged in identifying such company and as soon as they get such opportunity. They make investments at the very beginning of the development of those companies.

    The biggest example of this in India is - in 1990 buying shares of companies like Hindustan Unilever, Infosys, Gillette India for long term investment in terms of value investing. These companies have grown so much due to the change in lifestyle and technology in India and the world that could only be imagined. The shareholders of these companies have also made crores of rupees from the investment of Rs 10000.

    When the corona epidemic spread all over the world, the economy and stock market of almost all the countries of the world had fallen. The shares of all the best fundamentally strong companies were getting very cheap. Then any investor could invest in any company and get manifold returns. Due to the Corona epidemic, the share price of the industry and almost all the companies had fallen.

    Growth Investing

    The aim of Growth Investing is to Invest in the companies which are fundamentally good company and doing constantly good work. But sometimes some economic policy in the market, in any Negative News or Short Term, in the management of the company or for any other reason, the shares of that company have fallen for some time, by identifying those industry and company and making investments in it. Earning has to be done.

    Even the best company in stock market sometimes is not able to do good performance for some time due to some reason and the prices of their shares fall. Growth Investor is looking for such company, in which they can invest and earn good profit.

    If we talk about the present time, then companies with electric vehicles and space exploration are still in their early stages. Sectors like these will grow a lot in the future, so invest in the growing sector in the future, you can earn excellent returns in future.

    The biggest example of this is in India - 8 November In 2016, at the time of demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, almost all the company's shares had fallen. This time was the best time to earn profit by investing for Growth Investor, those people who invested in good companies at that time, they earned 25% to 50% profit within the next 3-4 months.


    Such opportunities keep coming in stock market where opportunities for Value Investment and Growth Investment keep coming. Those who can understand these opportunities are sure to make good money.

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