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Zomato IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium, Zomato IPO Review & Other Details, Zomato IPO GMP Today

Zomato IPO GMP - Latest Grey Market Premium, Grey Market Premium Today

Know All About Zomato IPO as on Today - Zomato IPO GMP (Zomato IPO Gray Market Premium), Kostak rates, and Subject to Sauda rates, Zomato IPO Review. As of today, Zomato's gray market premium has not started yet as no date has been confirmed related to the IPO. We will update Gray Market Premium everyday.

Zomato's IPO is going to open on 14 July and closes on 16 July 2021. The Zomato IPO price band is fixed at ₹72 to ₹76. The company wants to raise Rs 8250 crore (Approx $1.1 billion) through Initial Public Offering (IPO). Where 7500 crores will be from fresh issue and the rest will be under OFS (Offer for Sale). Through Offer for Sale InfoEdge which is an early investor will sell shares worth Rs 750 crores.The Zomato IPO to list on NSE and BSE on 14 July. Zomato is one of the large indian startup.

Zomato IPO GMP
    👉🏻 What is Zomato IPO GMP Today?
    The Zomato IPO GMP( grey market premium) is ₹25.

    👉🏻 What is Zomato IPO Kostak Rates Today?
    The Zomato IPO kostak rate is ₹600.

    👉🏻 Zomato IPO Expected Returns (in %)?
    The Zomato expected return is aprox 35% to 45%.

    We will talk about the most awaited Zomato IPO This year there has been a line of IPOs and Zomato is one of them. Its important dates, price band and lot size are not finalized yet but they filed DHRP with SEBI is. In this article, we will also tell you whether to invest money for listing gain or for short term or long term.

    Let's talk about Zomato. The credit for creating the Zomato company goes to two IIT Delhi students Deependra Goyal and Pankaj Chadha. Who used to work in a management consulting company [Brain & Company] after passing out together. And while working here, he notices that a lot of people go to the restaurant and waste a lot of time just looking at the menu card. And then an idea came in the mind of Deependra and Pankaj to solve this problem and this is where Foodiebay started. Foodiebay was a website that provided menu cards and locations of many restaurants online. 

    And now people used to know about the dishes, menus and prices online without going to the restaurant. Along with this, there was also a rating facility on this website. After starting from Delhi, he extended his service to Mumbai and Kolkata as well. After this he changed the name of the website from foodiebay to Zomato. Currently Zomato provides its service in the cities. The company's revenue in 2020 is 2,486 crores (US$350 million) in 2020.

    Zomato was started in 2008 as a restaurant discovery website named Foodibay. And today it is one of the largest food delivery app in India, second only to Swiggy. And when he started delivery in 2015, he was not alone, many companies were already doing it like Swiggy, TinyOwl, OlaCafe, Foodpanda, Runner and Scooty but today the main competition is between two companies, Zomato and Swiggy. But another big player Amazon Food is coming to compete with them.

    Now let us talk about the revenue model of Zomato and how they make money Zomato was a restaurant discovery platform which used to tell us about the dishes, menu, location of the restaurant etc. Zomato is the largest food-focused restaurant listing, review and online table reservation platform in India. Zomato makes money through restaurants that pay them to improve their visibility and order food from their restaurants.

    Zomato primarily acts as a delivery agent between restaurants and customers. They charge commission from restaurants and delivery charges from customers. Zomato operates in 23 countries other than India for example: UAE, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Turkey, Lebanon, and Poland etc. But maximum revenue of the company is generated from India which is 90%.

    Official Website : ZOMATO

    Zomato IPO GMP Today 

    30 June ₹0₹0
    01 July₹0₹0
    02 July₹0₹0
    03 July₹0₹0
    04 July₹0₹0
    05 July₹15₹0
    06 July₹15₹500
    07 July₹15₹500
    08 July₹16₹600
    09 July₹16₹600
    10 July₹16₹600
    11 July₹16₹600
    12 July₹13₹500
    13 July₹10₹400
    14 July₹9₹350
    15 July₹10₹400
    16 July₹14₹500
    17 July₹15₹600
    18 July₹15₹600
    19 July₹15₹600
    20 July₹19₹450
    21 July₹21₹500
    22 July₹22₹600
    23 July₹25₹600

    Zomato IPO Date and  Price Band Details

    IPO Open14 July
    IPO Close16 July
    Listing Date27 July
    Listing OnBSE and NSE
    IPO Size₹9375 Crores
    Fresh Issue Size₹9000 Crores
    Offer For Sale₹375 Crores
    Price Band72₹ to 76₹ Per Share
    Face Value₹10 Per Equity Share
    Retail Portion35%

    Zomato IPO Market Lot & Size

    Minimum Lot01
    Minimum Lot Size195 Shares
    Minimum Amount14,820
    Maximum Lot13
    Maximum Lot Size2535 Shares
    Maximum Amount192,660

    Zomato IPO Allotment & Listing Date

    Basis of Allotment22 July 2021
    Refunds Date23 July 2021
    Credit to Demat Account26 July 2021
    Listing Date27 July 2021

    Zomato IPO Review

    Zomato IPO GMP

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    Review For Short Term

    Review For Long Term

    Strengths and Weaknesses of Zomato

    Let us now talk about some of the strengths and weaknesses of Zomato.


    • First we will talk about company's strengths. The network effect of Zomato is quite great. The more people who use it, the more restaurants will be listed on Zomato which in turn will attract more customers which will ultimately increase and benefit. 

    • Zomato's user base. Talking about the Active Delivery Partners of the Company – As on January 31, 2020, the Company has 161637 Active Delivery Partners who have fulfilled 94.9% of the total orders and average delivery time was less than 30 Minutes.

    • Zomato has a strong brand presence in food delivery which is recognized across India As I said, people listen to Zomato and they remember the food.

    • Zomato has been able to retain customers whose expenses have also increased over time. And Zomato also offers great discounts which attract new users and keep old users hooked which is a huge competitive advantage.


    • If we talk about the weaknesses of the company, the company is not profitable yet and is expected to become a player as expenses increase.

    • Earlier many players were in this market but now only Zomato and Swiggy are left and now Amazon is entering. This means that there will be a lot of competition from Swiggy and Amazon.

    • Zomato is backed by Jack Ma's Ant Group, which means it will always be a foreign-owned and controlled company. Which means they are subject to FDI policy and laws.

    Frequently Asked questions

    What is the Zomato IPO opening date?
    • Zomato IPO opening date is 23 July.

    What is Zomato IPO GMP Today?
    • Zomato IPO GMP is ₹25 as on today.

    How much is Zomato IPO Kostak Rate Today?
    • Zomato IPO Kostak Rate is ₹600 as on today.

    What is the Zomato IPO Closing date?
    • Zomato IPO Closing date is 16 July.

    What is the Zomato IPO listing date?
    • Zomato IPO listing date is 27 July.

    What is Zomato IPO Subject to Sauda Today?
    • Zomato IPO Subject to Sauda is ₹-- as on today.

    What is Zomato IPO Expected Returns after Listing?
    • Zomato IPO Expected Returns is 35-45%.

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