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Invest in Stock market Step by Step in India | How to invest online in 2022

How to invest in the share market? How To Open Demate Account step by step

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    How to invest in the share market?

    There are some important things that you must know before investing in the stock market. To start trading in shares, it is necessary to have a demat and trading account. The process of investing in the stock market is an easy process. You can open your demat and trading account online in just a few hours with a few documents. There are many attractive offers and discounts are also going on nowadays, so that you can open your account in very little money. Today we will go through the documents and methods required to open an online demat account in India. 

    • A bank account
    • Broker (Discount Broker / Full Service Broker)
    • Aadhaar (Linked With Mobile Number)
    • PAN Card (Signed)
    • Bank Statement / Personalized Cheque / Canceled Check
    • your signature

    With the above-mentioned documents, you can open your Demat and trading account in no time. Now let's know about them in detail.

    Important Documents for Open Demat Account

    Bank account

    How to invest in share market

    To open a demat and trading account you need to have a bank account that should be linked to your trading account so that you can transfer money for all the transactions in the stock market. When you trade, you have to transfer funds from your bank to the Demat account, after that you can buy your favorite shares with that money. Fund transfer from a bank account to demat account is done in a few seconds.

    Broker (Discount/Full Service)

    According to SEBI, you cannot trade in the stock market without a brokerThe broker acts as an intermediary between the stock exchange and the investor and buys and sells shares at your behest. You can trade in the stock market through a broker as he facilitates trading between buyer and seller. You should open a Demat account only with SEBI registered broker. Before opening a demat and trading account, you should check whether your broker is trustworthy or not.

    You should choose a discount broker because discount brokers mostly charge lower fees and serve traders who have comparatively smaller capital to trade with as compared to traders who go for full-service brokers.

    Top 6 Best Discount Stock Brokers

    1. Zerodha Open account

    2. Upstox

    3. Angel Broking

    4. SAS Online

    5. Grow

    6. 5paisa

    Top 6 Best Full-Service Brokers

    Full-service brokerages have physical branches in many locations and offer both online and offline services, unlike discount brokerages.

    1 Angel Broking

    2 ICICI Direct

    3 HDFC Securities

    4 Kotak Securities

    5 sharekhan

    6 Motilal Oswal

    Aadhar Card

    To open a Demat account in India you need to have an Aadhaar card as the authentication is done using Aadhaar only. Know Your Customer (KYC) formalities have to be completed before opening a Demat account and it is all based on an Aadhaar card. It is also necessary that your mobile number should be linked with an Aadhar card.

    Pan card

    You also need to have a PAN card to open a Demat account. Your name and date of birth will be checked against the details mentioned in the PAN. The government has made PAN cards mandatory for any financial transaction. You must have a signed PAN card.

    Bank Statement / Personalized Cheque / Canceled Check

    Bank details and personal checks or canceled checks will have to be uploaded during the online demate account opening process. Within 15 minutes, you can open a Demat account without any hassle with just a few opening charges.

    When you open your online demate account, then you can easily find answers to all the questions related to the share market on the ticker post, that too in easy language.

    I hope you have understood well the process of opening demate account online. If you have any query or difficulty, please comment below. Many thanks to you for visiting our website.

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