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Top 21 Best YouTube Channels for Stock Market, Best Stock Market youtube channels in India

Best Stock Market YouTube Channels in India 2022

The stock market is a well-known means of making money over time, but it is also fraught with many risks. A good investor should always keep learning. A good investor learns in many ways like through newspapers, magazines, articles, etc. Through the stock market youtube channel, you can easily increase your knowledge and earn money from the share market. You can also learn about the stock market through a platform like YouTube, we can suggest to you some of the best financial channels on YouTube India.

Top 21 Best YouTube Channels for Stock Market

    Learning the Indian stock market can be difficult, especially for those who are new to it. But, it can be made easy and simple by taking tips and advice through the best YouTube channels. Now you can easily understand the topics related to the stock market in a few minutes through short videos. Nowadays everyone is planning to invest in the share market and wants to gain knowledge before investing in the share market.

    We will tell you about 21 such YouTube channels through which you can become a successful investment. You can learn better by watching videos on YouTube. You can improve your market share skills while sitting at home by watching these videos on YouTube. Many of the following YouTube channels make videos in Hindi so that they can learn well even those whose English is weak.

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    Best YouTube Channels for the Indian Stock Market

    1. Convey by FinnovationZ

    Convey by FinnovationZ YouTube channel where you can watch stock market investing, financial scams, mutual fund basics, book summaries, success stories, case studies, and much more on the stock market so you can learn the stock market. You can also visit Finnovation Updates for daily updates about the stock market. You can also see biographies and success stories of some prominent successful investors on the Convey by FinovationZ YouTube channel. Through YouTube shorts on this channel, you can learn about any topic in a few minutes.

    He has over 2 million subscribers and is a Hindi channel that focuses on stock market education for amateurs. Here you will see many animated, graphical images, stock videos, and cool whiteboard videos to make it easy to understand. You can also know news and updates related to the stock market on Convey by FinovationZ YouTube channel.

    2. Pranjal Kamra

    Through the Pranjal Kamra YouTube channel, you can learn many hard concepts from the basic stock market to value investing, and easy language. On this YouTube channel, you will find videos on value investing, stock analysis, Short Selling, and behavioral finance.

    It has more than 4.2 million subscribers and is a Hindi channel. Here you have many videos and all videos are in easy language so that it becomes easy for you to understand.

    3. Trading Chanakya

    Trading Chanakya is a YouTube channel to provides the best stock market technical analysis knowledge for beginners and advanced levels who try to give you the best content and best strategy to improve your trading life.

    This is another great YouTube channel for learning technical analysis of the Indian stock market. On this channel, you will be able to find both beginner and advanced videos on the stock market and other related areas. They have uploaded over 700 videos, which means that you will get a lot of information on their channel. He has more than 397K subscribers.

    4. Asset Yogi (Mukul Malik)

    AssetYogi is your complete finance guide youtube channel. They upload videos about money, investment, trade, the stock market, etc. on the Asset Yogi Youtube channel you can learn via short videos. you can also know about interesting facts about investing, warren buffet, Upcoming IPO (Initial Public Offering), etc.

    The aim of the Acitayogi is to spread financial literacy in the language of the common man. On this channel, you will find the best class knowledge and tools which were earlier available only to corporates. They have uploaded over 500 videos and He has more than 3.2 million subscribers.

    5. MarketGurukul

    The channel has original videos, ranging from technical analysis to advanced variations such as trading diversions, we have hardcore technical analysis videos as well as training videos in trading psychology, and money management. You can also watch videos related to futures and options on this YouTube channel. Here you can see the latest news and information on investing in the stock market.

    They provide you with the A-Z of technical analysis and fundamental analysis training as well as give you tools, strategies, and indicators to get to know the markets better. By providing you with a mobile app to monitor, study, analyze and trade on Go. By providing you free honest product reviews related to trading. They have uploaded over 170 videos and He has more than 450K subscribers.

    6. Finology Ticker

    Through the Finology ticker YouTube channel, you can learn many hard concepts in very simple language. On this YouTube channel, you will find videos on IPO reviews, Stock Market terms, and Fundamental and technical analyses of Stocks. On Finology Ticker you can know about Stock Market Terminology like ROCE, ROE, IPO, PE Ratio, etc. in very simple language. You will love this channel.

    Finology ticker has more than 270k subscribers and is a Hindi channel. Here you have many videos and all videos are in very simple language so you can understand them easily. With Ticker Platform, you can do extensive research and choose the best stocks.

    7. Groww ( Youtube Channel)

    Groww is a Stocks and Mutual Fund Investment Platform. Through their YouTube channel, you can watch daily stock-related news, IPO reviews, videos of investment, etc.

    It is an educational channel where various concepts in investing are taught. They have uploaded over 730 videos and He has more than 650K subscribers. Groww channel produces videos in many languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, etc.

    You can also invest in mutual funds and the stock market on Grow's platform. On the Groww channel, you can watch videos in many different languages. Grow has a very large team that gives you detailed information on the topics related to the stock market in easy language. Here you can also watch videos related to IPO like IPO size, IPO review, etc.

    8. Yadnya investment academy

    Yadnya Investment Academy would like to contribute to the financial upliftment of our society. You can get daily highlights and updates on this YouTube channel. Here you can easily solve complex issues like Balance Sheets and Technical Analysis. Apart from this, you can know how to find and invest in fundamental stocks.

    The fundamental analysis of the Yadnya Investment Academy company and all the important points are explained in detail. This YouTube channel provides you information completely unbiased.

    9. AryaaMoney

    You can also get information about the stock market on the Aryamani YouTube channel. Mr. Bhushan Godbole is the founder of Arya Money, a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, and a NISM Certified Research Analyst.

    Bhushan Godbole is a Professional Trader, Trainer, and Consultant who shares his wonderful experience with everyone through his videos. Apart from the stock market, you can also learn about financial topics and IPOs on this channel. Currently, the Aryamani YouTube channel has more than 670K subscribers.

    10. Elearnmarkets by StockEdge

    Elearnmarkets' YouTube channel is committed to taking finance training to the next level. The topics related to finance have been explained easily on this channel. There are also great videos available on this YouTube channel about futures and options. Along with this, shares with good fundamentals are also told on this channel.

    Elearnmarkets provides true knowledge about finance to aspiring learners. Through Stockedge, Forex trading, live charts, and stock market news on BSE and NSE India help retailers make the best decisions for their portfolios. This channel has more than 7 lakh subscribers.

    Some other Youtube channels you can visit

    11. Manoj Kumar Jain
    12. TickerTape
    13. Ghanshyam Tech
    14. Sunil Miglani
    15. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
    16. Trade Brains
    17. Ghanshyam Tech
    18. ProCapital Mohd Faiz
    19. B Wealthy
    20. Siddharth Bhanushali
    21. PR Sundar


    In this article, we have suggested the 21 best YouTube channels for learning about the Indian stock market, you can visit them and subscribe to the channels you like. A platform like YouTube is a great medium to learn any subject, where you can get detailed information about any topic for free. Even if you are not from finance, commerce, or business background and don't know much about the stock market, then you can learn about the stock market from your home right from your home through simple language videos. and become a successful investor.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Which are the best YouTube channels for the stock market?
    According to us, the following YouTube channels are top to understand share market in easy language, which are convey by Finnovationz, Pranjal Kamra, Asset Yogi, etc.

    What topics do YouTube channels related to the stock market give information about?
    The YouTube channel we have mentioned in our article gives information about stock market topics, information, and reviews about IPO, fundamental analysis of the company, financial analysis of the company, and many more interesting topics.

    Can we learn about the share market on Youtube?
    Yes absolutely. You can easily learn about the share market from your home through YouTube and that too for free.

    Can you earn good money by learning on YouTube channels?
    Yes absolutely. You can learn in detail about the share market through YouTube and make good money by investing in a fundamentally strong company. However or depends on you which company you are investing in. You should always invest after doing research about the company.

    We hope you like this article very much about the Best Stock Market youtube channel. Feedback is kindly invited, Write a comment. Thanks for visiting. Happy Investing.

    Happiest Post.

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