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Best shares to buy in India today, Best shares to invest in, Best stock to buy now

Top 10 Best Shares to buy in India, Best Shares to Invest in

Hello friends! Today we are going to talk about top 10 best fundamentally strong stocks that you can think of buying today. We will tell about such stocks, which if you hold for a long time, then it can prove beneficial for you. We will highlight such stocks which have given good returns in the past and can deliver great returns in the future as well. You should always choose such stocks or shares for investment, whose sales are increasing every year and the company has very little debt or the company is completely debt free.

Best shares to buy in India today

    What are the best stocks?

    Before we tell you about those stocks, it is important that you know what are the best stocks. Generally, the best stocks are those stocks that have given good returns to investors in the past. Finding good stocks is a difficult task and for that, you need to have patience and market understanding. Best Shares or Best Company has the following characteristics:

    • The sales of the company are increasing every year.
    • The company has good margins and is growing every year.
    • The company is investing in research and development.
    • Promoters of the company should be trustworthy.
    • The company works in such a sector which is going to grow a lot in future.
    • The company has very little debt or is debt free.
    • The revenue and profit of the company are increasing every year.
    • The company should have a good hold in the market or have a monopoly in the sector.

    How to find the best stocks?

    If you are determined to find good stocks, then you can find them. We have given above some characteristics of good stocks, on the basis of which you can find the best stocks. You should choose such sector which is going to grow very fast in the future like Electric Vehicle, Electric Charging Infrastructure, Green Energy, Space Tourism, Chip Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

    It is not necessary that the companies which are doing well today, they will do the same in the future also. Therefore it is necessary that you look at those sectors which have good potential for the future. To find a good company or stock, you should do a financial analysis, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis of that company. See Disclaimer.

    The 10 Best shares to buy in India

    1. Adani Wilmar

    Adani Wilmar is one of the largest FMCG food companies in India. Adani Wilmar owns the largest selling edible oil brand "Fortune" in India. Adani Wilmar is a joint venture between Adani Enterprise and Wilmar International that was started in 1999. Since the inception of Adani Wilmar, this company has grown very fast and is a well-known edible oil company today. The company has recently raised Rs 3600 crore through IPO. Adani Wilmar is the seventh company of the Adani Group to be listed on the market.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹227
    52 Weeks High ₹878
    No of Shares 129.97 Crores
    PE 100
    Peers Patanjali Food, Nestle, Britannia
    Face Value ₹1
    Promoters Holding 87.94%

    Company Financials

    Best stock to buy now - Adani Wilmar

    2. Tata Motors

    Tata Motors is a leading global automobile manufacturing company in India. Tata Motors has a diversified portfolio which mainly includes a wide range of Cars, Sports Utility Vehicles, Trucks, Buses, and Defense Vehicles. Tata Motors has the largest share in the electric four-wheeler market in India. Tata Motors is currently the market leader in the segment of Electric Vehicles in the country.

    Apart from Tata Motors Cars and Trucks, the company has also developed and delivered wheeled armored carriers to the Indian Army. If we talk about electric vehicles, then Tata Motors has gained an edge from the beginning. When the electric vehicle boom comes in the future, then Tata Motors will definitely benefit. If you are thinking of investing in the electric vehicle sector, then Tata Motors can prove to be beneficial for you.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹268.45
    52 Weeks High ₹536.70
    No of Shares 332.12 Crores
    PE -
    PeersAshok Leyland, Force Motors, SML Isuzu
    Face Value₹2
    Promoters Holding46.04%

    Tata Motors Financials

    Best stock to buy now - Tata Motors

    3. Supriya Lifescience

    Supriya Lifescience primarily manufactures APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Supriya Lifesciences manufactures more than 38 APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) used in Antihistamine, Analgesic, Anesthetic, Vitamin, Anti-Asthma, and Anti-Allergy. The company is one of the largest exporters of Chlorpheniramine Maleate and Ketamine Hydrochloride from India. In terms of volume, Supriya Lifesciences has emerged as the largest exporter of Salbutamol Sulphate from India to overseas in FY21. Supriya Lifesciences IPO came in December 2021.

    Supriya Life Science has shown good profit growth of 142.09% in last 3 years and also company has shown good revenue growth of 21.87% in last 3 years.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹292.35
    52 Weeks High ₹601.90
    No of Shares 8.05 Crores
    PE 20.53
    Peers Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Shilpa Medicare, Cipla Ltd
    Face Value₹2
    Promoters Holding 68.24%

    Supriya Life Science Financials

    Supriy Life Science - Best stock to buy now

    4. Deepak Nitrite

    Deepak Nitrite Limited is an Indian chemical manufacturing company, which has given excellent returns to investors in the last few years. The manufacturing facilities of Deepak Nitrite Limited are located at Nandesari and Dahej in Gujarat, Roha, and Taloja in Maharashtra, and Hyderabad in Telangana. Deepak Nitrite Limited mainly produces chemicals like Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Colorants, Rubber, Specialty, Fine Chemicals, etc.

    If you are thinking of investing in a chemical company, then this fall you can invest in this company. The company has shown good profit growth of 61.99% in the last 3 financial years. With this, the company has made a significant reduction in its debt by 207.55 crores.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹1681.15
    52 Weeks High ₹3020
    No of Shares 13.64 Crores
    PE 50
    Peers Pidilite Inds., Gujarat Fluorochemic, Aarti Inds
    Face Value ₹1
    Promoters Holding 45.72%

    Company Financials

    Deepak Nitrite -Best stock to buy now

    5. Happiest Minds

    Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd. is an IT company that enables digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers. The company is primarily focused on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Digital Process Automation, Internet of Things, Robotics / Drones, Security, Virtual / Augmented Provides services related to reality, etc. Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd. distributes its services across industry sectors such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Automotive, BFSI, Edutech, Engineering R&D, and Retail. 

    The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India, and has operations in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East as well. The company is focusing on many new technologies, so if you are looking to invest in a tech company for the long term, then you can invest in Happiest Mind Technologies.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹785.60
    52 Weeks High ₹1568
    No of Shares 14.69 Crores
    PE 73
    Peers Oracle Finl. services, Coforge, KPIT Technologies
    Face Value ₹2
    Promoters Holding 53.25%

    Company Financials

    Happiest Mind - Best stock to buy now

    6. Shyam Metalics

    Shyam Metalics is a leading integrated metal manufacturing company based in India. Shyam Metallics focuses on long steel products and ferroalloys. The company is among the largest producers of ferroalloys in terms of installed capacity in India as of February 2021 (Report Source: CRISIL Report). The company has the capability to sell intermediate and final products across the steel value chain. Also, Shyam Metalics was one of the leading players in terms of pellet capacity and the fourth largest player in the sponge iron industry in terms of sponge iron capacity in India.

    The company has significantly reduced its debt by Rs 381.41 crore. The company had also recently announced expansion. If you want to buy any metal stock then this Shyam Metaliks is a great company.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹273.10
    52 Weeks High ₹457.70
    No of Shares 25.51 Crores
    PE 9.50
    Peers JSW Steel, Tata Steel, SAIL
    Face Value ₹10
    Promoters Holding 88.35%

    Company Financials

    Shyam Metalics - Best stock to buy now

    7. Asian Paint

    Asian Paints made its small debut in the year 1942 and since then the company has come a long way. At present, Asian Paints is the tenth largest paint manufacturer in the world. Asian Paints has been the market leader in paints in India since 1967. Today, it is twice the size of any other paint company in India. Asian Paints manufactures a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use and also provides wall coverings, adhesives, and services under its portfolio. Recently Asian Paints entered into a definitive agreement with WeatherSeal Fenestration to acquire a 51% stake. You can think of investing in such a wonderful company.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹2560
    52 Weeks High ₹3590
    No of Shares 95.92 Crores
    PE 93
    Peers Berger Paints India, Kansai Nerolac Paint, Indigo Paints
    Face Value ₹1
    Promoters Holding 52.63%

    Company Financials

    Asian Paints - Best stock to buy now

    8. Finolex Industries Ltd.

    The company mainly offers a wide range of PVC pipes and fittings suitable for diverse applications which are used in agriculture, housing and telecommunication, etc. Finolex Industries Limited has manufacturing facilities at Pune and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra and Masar in Gujarat. The company has a wide presence across the country. The company's major rivals are Astral and Prince Pipes, although the lowest PE is from Finolex Industries. The company has an extensive network of over 18,000 retail outlets backed by over 850 dealers and sub-dealers. The company is one of the largest PVC pipe manufacturers in the country.

    The company has shown decent profit growth of 34.60% in the last 3 years and maintains a healthy ROCE of 24.20%. Also, the company is virtually debt free.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹125
    52 Weeks High ₹244.50
    No of Shares 62.05 Crores
    PE 8.28
    PeersAstral, Supreme Industries, Prince Pipes & Fitti
    Face Value₹2
    Promoters Holding52.47%

    Company Financials

    Fonolex Industries - Best shares to buy now

    9. HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)

    HAL aka Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is an Indian state-owned aerospace and defense company. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company was established in the year 1940, with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) today being one of the oldest and largest aerospace and defense manufacturers in the world. The company currently has 11 dedicated Research and Development (R&D) centers. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited designs and manufactures helicopters, fighter jets, jet engines and marine gas turbine engines, avionics, overhauling and upgrading of Indian military aircraft.

    The company is currently working on the development and manufacturing of the AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft) which is going to be the fifth generation fighter jet built in India. In the future, the company is likely to get orders for many helicopters and jets, which will give good profit to the company. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is the market leader in the defense sector in India.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹1059.10
    52 Weeks High ₹1972.55
    No of Shares 33.44 Crores
    PE 12.1
    PeersBharat Dynamics Ltd, Data Patterns (India) Ltd
    Face Value₹10
    Promoters Holding75.15%

    Company Financials

    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited - Best stock to buy now

    10. AU small Finance Bank

    AU Small Finance Bank, after getting the license in 2015, Au Financiers started its journey as SFB on 19th April 2017. AU Small Finance Bank In the year 2021, has become the largest small finance bank in the country. AU Small Finance Bank, a retail-focused non-banking finance company, for two decades provided quick and customized financial solutions to rural and urban populations. Au Small Finance Bank is maintaining a healthy ROA of 1.93% for the last 3 years. The Company has a good Return on Equity (ROE) track record: 3 Years ROE of 18.51%.

    Company Essentials

    52 Weeks Low ₹462.50
    52 Weeks High ₹732.98
    No of Shares 63.02 Crores
    PE 33.50
    PeersKotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, Bajaj Finance Ltd
    Face Value₹10
    Promoters Holding28.21%

    Company Financials

    AU small finance bank - Best stock to buy now


    We hope that this article on 10 Best Stocks turned out to be helpful for you. You may know about any of these stocks from other sources. But we suggest that you should invest in these companies with full responsibility. Whether you are new to the stock market or you have many years of experience, you should keep learning about making money and investing continuously. We have listed Top 10 Best financial books that can bring revolutionary changes in your financial life. We suggest that you must read the books.


    This post is written for general information purposes only. All the stocks or companies listed by us are based on the company's current price, future growth potential, past returns, and sectors. You are requested not to invest in any company without proper research. If the money is yours, then the final decision to invest in any company should be yours.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Which are the best shares to buy now in India?
    Here are the best shares to buy in India: ●Tata Motors ● Finolex industries ●Adani Wilmar ● HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) ●Shyam Metalics ●Asian Paints ● Happiest Mind, etc.

    What is the best FMCG stock to buy now?
    Here are the best FMCG stocks to buy now: ●Britannia Industries ●Dabur India ●Godrej Consumer Products Ltd ●HUL ●ITC ●Jubilant Foodworks ●Marico Ltd.

    Which are the best IT stocks to buy now in India?
    Here are the best IT stocks to buy now: ●TCS ●Infosys ●HCL Technologies ●Tech Mahindra.

    What are the best banking shares to buy now?
    Here are the best banking stocks: ●HDFC Bank Ltd. ●Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. ●ICICI Bank Ltd. ●Axis Bank Ltd.

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