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Top 10 Best Websites for Stock Market, Investor, and Stock Analysis 2023

Top 10 Best Websites for Indian Stock Market Investors

When it comes to the stock market and investing, psychology and knowledge play a big role. Today we will tell you about top 10 best websites and portals, where you can do stock analysis, fundamental analysis of the company and choose multibagger stocks. This 10 website is for Indian stock market and investors.
Top 10 Best Websites for Stock Market

Best Website for Indian Stock Market Investor

Every one of us wants to be a successful investor like Warren Buffett. But without research and analysis, you will not be able to do this. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 best websites that will take your financial knowledge to a different level. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 stock market websites in India and give information about the features of these websites.

In this article, we have compiled several websites that will give you basic information about any company stock (like PE ratio, 52 weeks low and 52 weeks high, financials, peer comparison, etc.). Also, help in fundamental and technical analysis of the company and the stocks.

The following topics we are going to cover in this article:

  1. Best Stock Market Analysis Websites.
  2. Top 10 Best websites for Investors.
  3. Best Stock Market Screener in India.
  4. Overall Best Stock Market Site.
  5. Top 10 Share Market Website.
  6. Best Sites for Indian Stock Market Analysis.

Ever since the internet boom has come, from buying or selling of shares in the stock market, stock analysis has also started going online. You can do research and analysis of thousands of stocks based on the stock market with the help of your smartphone or desktop and the internet. There are many sources, out of which we have told about the best 10 websites which are very important for stock market investors.

On these stock analysis websites, you can find a lot of stock market information for free. On these websites, you can get the latest share market news, information about upcoming IPO, technical analysis of stocks, information related to IPO, financial overview, and peers of the company.

    List of top 10 must-see websites for Indian stock market investors:

    1. Money Control

    Money Control

    Moneycontrol comes first in the list of top 10 best stock market websites. With Moneycontrol, you can keep track of all the news related to the stock market. Moneycontrol has stock market news, financial tips, stock indices, updates regarding mutual funds, commodities, and much more.

    If you are new to the stock market and can keep abreast of all the latest financial developments.

    Key Features:

    • You can find daily top gainer and loser stocks on Moneycontrol.
    • You can check the financial results, peer comparison, and other indicators of any stock on Moneycontrol.
    • Moneycontrol is definitely the most visited stock market website in India.
    • You can also find information related to IPO on Moneycontrol.
    • It is one of the most visited stock market websites in the country.

    2. Screener


    The screener is a stock screener with a clean UI on which you can see Market Capitalization, Face Value, Dividend Yield, 52 Weeks High and Low, PE Ratio, Financials, Charts, etc of any company. It is a great website to do a fundamental analysis of any stock. You can also compare a company with its peers on this website. Most of the features on Screener are absolutely free, although you can also get the paid version of it.

    Key Features:

    • It is easy to use.
    • Its user interface is very clean and simple.
    • On the screener, you can see the cash flow, balance sheet, profit/loss, and other ratios of a company.
    • You can use most of the features of Screener absolutely for free.
    • On the screener, you can access charts, analysis, peer/competitor comparisons, quarterly results, yearly results, and much more

    3. Tickertape


    The ticker tape comes at number three in our list of the best sites for Indian stock market analysis. This website also provides the user with important information about chart analysis, peer comparison, financials of the company, etc. Apart from all this, it also tells us about the financial trend and holding trend. Tickertape also keeps us informed about news and events related to the stock market.

    Key Features:

    • TickerTape is also easy to use.
    • Its user interface is very clean and user-friendly.
    • On this website, you can see news and events related to any company.
    • The ticker-tape gives us all the metrics like PE Ratio, PB Ratio, and Dividend Yield of any stock.
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    4. The Economic Times

    The Economic Times

    The Economic Times is one of the branches of the Times Internet Group of companies. It monitors all the securities related to the stock market and is one of the emerging financial websites. This website keeps us updated about the day-to-day happenings in the finance and business world.

    Key Features:

    • This website publishes all the news related to the financial world and the stock market.
    • Through this website, you can keep yourself updated about the financial world.
    • Apart from the stock market, The Economic Times also provides information about wealth and politics.

    5. Ticker by Finology

    Ticker by Finology

    The ticker by Finology comes in fifth place on our list. On this, you can keep an eye on the upcoming IPO and fluctuations in the stock market. The user interface of Ticker by Finology is quite simple, which makes it easy to use. A lot of it is free, although you can also get the premium version of it.

    Key Features:

    • Ticker by Finology is also easy to use.
    • In this, you can find out about that company by searching the name of the product.
    • On this website, you can find all the information about Upcoming IPO and Ongoing IPO.
    • There is also a feature called Finstar on this website, in which each stock is given a rating.

    6. Live Mint

    Live Mint

    Live Mint comes at 6th place on our list. This is a financial news website, on which you can get the latest news related to the financial world and share market. This website is one of the best financial websites which provides daily national, international, and business news. Livemint tracks market movements as well as provides comprehensive coverage of important financial events. Livemint is a great platform for HNI viewers.

    Key Features:

    • On this website, you can read different types of posts about the stock market, finance, economy, politics, science, sports, etc.
    • If you are involved in the stock market and want to keep yourself constantly updated with the latest news then this platform is for you.
    • Apart from the latest news, livemint also provides you with information about the company's events and IPOs.
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    7. Investing.com


    Investing.com is one of the popular websites in India. This website provides around 30,000 financial aid. Apart from this Investing.com offers many financial features like state-of-the-art financial market tools, alerts, customized portfolios, and personalized alerts, which are completely free of cost. This is a great site for any investor, on this website you can do both fundamental and technical analyses of stocks. Its 'stock screener' is quite famous

    Key Features:

    • Its 'stock screener' is quite simple and easy to use.
    • This website also provides a variety of tools like Holiday Calendar, Split Calendar, Dividend Calendar, Stock Alerts, etc., which you can use for free.
    • Investing.com offers charts, news, analysis, financial, technical, forums, etc.

    8. NSE


    This is the official website of the National Stock Exchange (NSE). You can get all the basic and financial information of all the companies listed on the NSE exchange. The information provided on this website is accurate and reliable. The information on NSE is updated continuously so that you stay updated. On this website, one can first find the financial data of any company like shareholding patterns, quarterly reports, bulk/block deal details, etc.

    Key Features:

    • Here you can get all the financial information of all the listed companies.
    • Here you can stay updated about any company's shareholding pattern, quarterly reports, bulk/block deals, etc.
    • Many historical data about NSE and Nifty are available on this website.
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    9. BSE


    BSE India is the official website of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), hence the data available here is the latest and updated. This website is similar to NSE India in most of the information. However, more companies are listed than NSE. On this website, you can find complete information about index data, charts, IPO, OFS, domestic and foreign investors, etc. Similar to NSE India, on the BSE India website you can get financial information like quarterly reports, shareholding, and block deals.

    Key Features:

    • You can get all the financial information of all the companies listed on NSE Goods.
    • BSE is the first exchange in the country.
    • On this website you can keep track of the quarterly report, bulk deal or block deal, and shareholding pattern of any company.
    • The data on this website is more updated than on other websites.

    10. Google Finance

    Google Finance

    If you want to get the latest news about the stock market and the financial world, then Google Finance is a good medium. On Google Finance, you can find information on stocks, mutual funds, indices, etc.), currency and cryptocurrency exchange rates, etc. On Google Finance, you can also know about the index and market volatility of countries other than India.

    Key Features:

    • Here you can get information related to the index and share markets of other countries.
    • In addition to stocks, mutual funds, and indices, you can also learn about currency and cryptocurrency exchange rates on Google Finance.


    We hope you liked this article on Top 10 Stock Market Websites for Investors. Most of the websites that we have told you about can be used for free. With the help of these websites and screeners, you can stay updated about the stock market and the financial world. On these websites, you can do fundamental analysis and financial analysis of any company. Apart from these, you can choose the right stock by comparing any company with others.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Which are the best websites for the stock market?
    The best websites for stock analysis are Moneycontrol, BSE India, Economic Times, Ticker Tape, Ticker by Finology, etc.

    Which is the best website for stock market investors?
    Here is the list of Best Websites for Investors: BSE India, Moneycontrol, Economic Times, Ticker Tape, Livemint, etc.

    Which is the best stock analysis app in India?
    The best stock analysis apps in India are Moneycontrol, Tickertape, Investing.com, etc.

    Which is the Top stock screener in India?
    Here is the best Stock Screener: 1. Screener 2. Tickertape 3. Investing.com

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