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Pyramid Technoplast IPO Date, Detail, Allotment, GMP

Pyramid Technoplast IPO Date, Price, Review

Pyramid Technoplast IPO: Know everything about Pyramid Technoplast IPO. Pyramid Technoplast Limited IPO Date, Pyramid Technoplast IPO Review and analysis. We will discus about Pyramid Technoplast IPO Benefits & Risks. Also, all information related to Pyramid Technoplast IPO like price band, all important dates, issue size, Brockrage Review, and retail quota etc.
Pyramid Technoplast IPO Date, Price, Detail, Allotment, GMP

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO

    Pyramid Technoplast Limited is an Indian company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of plastic-based products and solutions. Pyramid Technoplast Ltd Has filed its DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) with market regulator SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) to raise around Rs 153.05 crore through IPO (Initial public offering).

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO will open on 18 August 2023 and close on 22 August 2023. The price band of the Pyramid Technoplast IPO is ₹151 to ₹166. Pyramid Technoplast IPO size is 153.05 Crores. The offer includes 91.30 Crores under fresh issue and 61.75 Crores under offer for sale. Pyramid Technoplast IPO QIB quota is 30%, NII quota is 20% and RII quota is 50%. Pyramid Technoplast IPO listing date is 30 August 2023. You can learn about Pyramid Technoplast IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium) below.

    The Pyramid Technoplast has given good financial performance. The company made a profit of ₹31.76 crores in the financial year 2023 (March 2023). The IPO of Pyramid Technoplast will be listed on NSE and BSE. Pyramid Technoplast IPO face value is ₹10 per equity share.

    We will talk about Pyramid Technoplast Limited's financials, benefits, and risks of investing in the company.

    What is Pyramid Technoplast IPO Date?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Date is 18 August 2023.

    What is Pyramid Technoplast IPO Price Band?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Price Band is ₹151 to ₹166.

    What is Pyramid Technoplast IPO Expected Return?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Expected Returns is approx 12%.

    About Pyramid Technoplast Limited

    Pyramid Technoplast Limited operates in various industries, including packaging, automotive, and infrastructure. Pyramid Technoplast Limited produces a range of plastic products and solutions. These products may include plastic containers, crates, drums, jerry cans, industrial packaging materials, and various plastic components used in automotive and infrastructure applications.

    The company provides packaging solutions for industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and more. Its products are designed to meet different packaging needs, including transportation, storage, and protection of goods.

    Pyramid Technoplast may manufacture plastic components used in the automotive industry. These components can include interior and exterior parts, such as bumpers, panels, and other plastic accessories.

    The company might produce plastic-based products used in infrastructure projects, such as pipes, sheets, and other materials used in construction and civil engineering. Pyramid Technoplast likely adheres to industry quality standards to ensure the reliability and durability of its products. Quality control measures are important in the production of plastic products to meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

    Pyramid Technoplast's products may cater to a diverse customer base across different industries. This diversification can help stabilize revenue streams by reducing dependency on a single market segment. The company might emphasize sustainability by focusing on environmentally friendly materials, recycling practices, and reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

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    Purpose of the offer

    • To prepay/repay all or a part of the dues raised by the company.
    • To finance capital expenditure requirements.
    • To meet general corporate objectives.

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Date and Price Band Details

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO open date: 18 August 2023, Closing date: 22 August 2023, and Listing date: 30 August 2023. The price band of Pyramid Technoplast IPO is ₹151 to ₹166 per share. Pyramid Technoplast IPO issue size is Rs 153.05 crores. Pyramid Technoplast IPO retail portion is 50%, the QIB portion is 50%, and NII Portion is 15%.
    IPO Open:18 August 2023
    IPO Close:22 August 2023
    Listing Date:30 August 2023
    Listing On:NSE & BSE
    IPO Size:Approx ₹153.05 crores
    Fresh Issue:Approx ₹91.30 crores
    Offer For Sale:Approx ₹61.75 crores
    Price Band:₹151 to ₹166 per share
    Face Value:₹10 per Equity share
    QIB Portion:30%
    Retail Portion:50%
    NII Portion:20%
    Employee Res:Not Disclosed

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Lot Size Details

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO's minimum lot size is 90 shares with ₹14,940 application amount and the maximum lot size is 13 shares with ₹194,220 application amount for retail investors.
    Retail (Min)019014,940
    Retail (Max)131170194,220
    S-HNI (Min)141,260209,160
    S-HNI (Max)665,940986,040
    B-HNI (Min)676,030100,980

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Open, Close, Allotment, and Listing Date

    Ipo Opening Date:18 August 2023
    IPO Closing Date:22 August 2023
    Basis of Allotment:25 August 2023
    Refund Date:28 August 2023
    Credit to Demat Account:29 August 2023
    Listing Date:30 August 2023

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Review

    Happiest PostApply (Long-term)
    Dilip DavdaApply
    Angle OneNot Rated yet
    Axis CapitalNot Rated yet
    HDFC SecuritiesNot Rated yet
    ICICI DirectNot Rated yet
    Kotak SecuritiesNot Rated yet
    Motilal OswalNot Rated yet
    SharekhanNot Rated yet

    You can also check the latest IPO subscription status and IPO allotment status of Pyramid Technoplast IPO on our website.

    Pyramid Technoplast Ipo Rating

    [Note: Not rated yet.]

    Review For Listing Gain

    Review For Short term

    Review For Long term


    • Pyramid Technoplast has a wide range of plastic products catering to different industries, it can benefit from multiple revenue streams and reduce its dependence on a single market segment.
    • Companies in the manufacturing sector often benefit from steady industrial demand. If Pyramid Technoplast's products are integral to the packaging, automotive, and infrastructure industries, it could experience consistent demand.
    • Manufacturing companies that invest in research and development to improve existing products and develop new materials tend to stay competitive and adapt to changing market needs.
    • An increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability and regulations related to plastic usage could provide opportunities for Pyramid Technoplast to develop eco-friendly products and contribute to sustainability efforts.
    • The company has a strong market presence and customer relationships, it can leverage these factors for continued growth and market share expansion.


    • The manufacturing sector can be competitive, with various players vying for market share. Pyramid Technoplast may face competition from both domestic and international manufacturers.
    • Fluctuations in the costs of raw materials, especially plastic resins, can impact the company's profitability.
    • Manufacturing companies are often sensitive to economic fluctuations. Economic downturns can impact industrial demand for plastic products, affecting the company's revenue.
    • Regulations related to plastics, packaging, and environmental standards can impact the company's operations and cost structure.
    • Manufacturing involves complex processes, supply chain management, and quality control. Operational challenges can impact production efficiency and product quality.
    • The market's perception of the plastic industry's environmental impact could affect investor sentiment and the company's reputation.

    Pyramid Technoplast Ltd Financials

    Pyramid Technoplast Financials(in Crores)

    YearTotal AssetsRevenueProfit


    The promoters of the company are:
    • Bijaykumar Agarwal
    • Jaiprakash Agarwal
    • Yash Synthetics Private Limited

    Contact Details of Pyramid Technoplast

    Pyramid Technoplast Limited
    Office No.2, 2nd Floor, Shah Trade Centre, Rani Sati Marg,
    Near W.E. Highway, Malad (East), Mumbai 400 097,
    Maharashtra, India
    Telephone: +91 22 42761547
    E-mail: cs@pyramidtechnoplast.com

    Pyramid Technoplast Lead Managers


    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Registrars

    S6-2, 6th Floor, Pinnacle Business Park,
    Next to Ahura Centre, Mahakali
    Caves Road, Andheri East,
    Mumbai – 400 093
    Telephone: +91 22 6263 8200
    Email: ipo@bigshareonline.com


    There are some good and some bad things in the company. Looking at the financial position of the company, the track record has been good. In the financial year 2023, the company had a profit of Rs 31.76 crore. Our suggestion is that you can Apply for long-term in the Pyramid Technoplast Limited IPO. Pyramid Technoplast Limited IPO financial details and other information are given above.

    Pyramid Technoplast IPO FAQs

    What is Pyramid Technoplast IPO Price Band?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Price Band is ₹151 to ₹166.

    What is the Pyramid Technoplast IPO Opening Date?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Opening date is 18 August 2023.

    What is the Pyramid Technoplast IPO Closing Date?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Closing date is 22 August 2023.

    What is the Pyramid Technoplast IPO Allotment date?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Allotment Date is  25 August 2023.

    What is the Pyramid Technoplast IPO Listing Date?
    The Pyramid Technoplast IPO Date is 30 August 2023.

    What is Pyramid Technoplast IPO issue size?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO issue size is ₹153.05.

    What is Pyramid Technoplast IPO Expected Returns?
    Pyramid Technoplast IPO Expected Returns is 12%%.

    How to Apply the Pyramid Technoplast Ltd IPO with Zerodha?

    1. Open your Zerodha kite app and visit the Account tab, then see for console and click on IPO. 
    2. If you are a Desktop user then Log in to the Console on Zerodha Website. Go to Portfolio and Click on IPO. 
    3. You will see the IPO name "Pyramid Technoplast Ltd". 
    4. Then, Click on Bid Button.
    5. Then, Enter your UPI ID.
    6. Then, Fill in the Quantity and Price. (we recommend, that you should choose the cutoff price.)
    7. Then Submit the IPO Application Form.
    8. Now go to your UPI App (PhonePe, Google Pay, etc) or BHIM App to Approve the mandate.

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