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Grey Market Premium Disclaimer

  • We are not involved in grey market trading in any way. And do not provide the facility of buying or selling of IPO form.

  • We always recommend staying away from any type of trading in the gray market.

  • IPO gray market premium can be manipulated to increase the hype of an IPO, so you are requested to consider the gray market premium only as an indicator of the demand for IPO in the market.

  • IPO gray market is not regulated or controlled by the exchanges or SEBI due to which you are likely to be cheated which is a risk factor.

  • Everything we publish about gray market premiums, cost rates, subject to deal, etc. is sourced from news websites or other websites. We do not buy or sell IPO from IPO in any way in the IPO gray market.

  • Reference to IPO Gray Market Premium (IPO GMP) is valid only for the date specified in the header, we are not involved in the buy or sell of IPO form.

  • Do not decide to subscribe to the IPO solely on the basis of grey market premium, as it can change at any time before the listing. Do research about the fundamentals and financials of the companies before subscribing.


You should always do research and analysis of that particular stock or company before buying a share. We always stay away from providing any share market buy/sell tips/recommendation messages or calls as we believe stock market investing is for those who understand the business closely, have their own fundamentals and basic analysis, and invest their time in better analysis of the company rather than relying (directly or indirectly) on others. Share market is not a speculative market, it is to invest in a good company and become a partner in its growth.

We do request to follow on YouTube or other social media (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) but we do not give any kind of stock buying or selling tips or recommendations on social media too. We have created almost all the images (which we use on our website) which are for educational purposes, if you have some content in it then you can contact us. We want to tell you that this website has been created for news reporting and educational purposes.

Stock Market investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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