IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP): Latest IPO GMP, Grey Market Premium Today

Grey Market Premium Today (GMP)

Ipo Grey Market premiums are given below. For more information click on IPOs name. Know About the latest IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium): AGS Transact Technologies IPO, Veeda Clinical Research IPO, Adani Wilmar IPO, etc.

ipo grey market premium - latest ipo gmp - Kostak Rate - Subject to Sauda
Grey Market Premium, Kostak Rate, Subject to Sauda

    IPO Grey Market Premium Today

    IPO Name GMP Costak Subject to Sauda
    Ags Transact Technologies₹10 ₹- ₹-
    Tracxn Tech
    Waaree Energies
    Hexagon Nutrition
    Penna Cement
    MapmyIndia₹700 ₹600 ₹5000
    Shriram Properties₹10 ₹- ₹-
    Tega Industries₹410 ₹550 ₹10000
    GoAir (GoFirst) ₹- ₹- ₹-
    Star Health ₹15 ₹- ₹-
    Data Patterns₹350
    Adani Wilmar₹130 ₹- ₹-
    Keventer Agro
    Anand Rathi₹125 ₹500 ₹3000
    Penna Cement₹- ₹- ₹-
    Go Fashion₹250 ₹250 ₹6000
    Tarsons Products ₹170 ₹500 ₹3000
    Latent View ₹690 ₹400 ₹18000
    OYO Rooms
    Nykaa ₹600 ₹600 ₹5000
    Mobikwik ₹- ₹- ₹-
    Policy Bazaar ₹180 ₹300 ₹3000
    Paytm ₹50 ₹- ₹-
    Sapphire Foods ₹- ₹- ₹-
    Fino Payment Bank ₹30 ₹- ₹-
    SJS Enterprises ₹40 ₹- ₹-
    Sigachi Industries ₹80 ₹300 ₹4500
    Skanray Technologies
    Aditya Birla Sun Life ₹20 ₹200 ₹800
    Paras Defense ₹340 ₹1200 ₹15000

    What is IPO Grey Market?

    Grey Market

    IPO grey market is an unofficial market, where the shares of IPO are bought and sold outside the stock exchange before they are listed on the stock exchange. Stock exchanges or SEBI are not involved in any kind of transactions that take place in the grey market. And there is no regulation or control over those transactions. There are some dealers and operators in the grey market who act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller.

    There are two types of transactions in the grey market. By transacting the shares which have been allotted earlier and are not listed on the stock exchange. Second, by transacting the shares which have not been allotted yet.

    What is Grey Market Premium (GMP)

    Grey Market Premium (GMP)

    The price at which the IPO shares are exchanged in the grey market is called the grey market premium of that share. In simple language, the price band of a share in an IPO, which expresses the willingness to buy the share at a higher price in the grey market, is called the grey market premium of that share.
    Let us understand it through an example:
    If the value of one share in the IPO of XYZ company is ₹100. And in the grey market, some buyers are ready to buy it for ₹ 150 then the grey market premium (GMP) of the shares of XYZ company will be ₹ 50. That is, the buyer is ready to pay ₹ 50 more than the share price, because he thinks that the share may get listed at ₹170 on the day of listing, making a profit of ₹20 per share.

    But it is a double-edged sword that the stock may get listed at ₹120 due to which it will lose ₹30.
    In the grey market, the stock price is constantly fluctuating up and down, so you should take the grey market premium only as an indicator. We do not recommend you to trade in the grey market ever. Trading in the grey market can be risky for you as stock exchanges or SEBI are not involved in them.

    What is Kostak Rate?

    Kostak Rate

    The Kostak rate is the fee at which an investor sells his IPO application to a buyer in the grey market. This is the money he gets in both cases i.e. whether the shares are allotted or not, he gets this money.
    Let us understand this with an example:
    Suppose XYZ IPO is oversubscribed many times and the chances of getting IPO allotment is very less than you sell XYZ IPO application to a buyer in the grey market for ₹500 then it is called the Kostak rate of XYZ IPO. You will get ₹500 even if you are not allotted shares on that application. This ₹500 is called the Kostak rate of that IPO.

    What is Subject to Sauda?

    Subject To Sauda

    The money that the applicant receives by selling his allotted IPO application is said to be subject to Sauda. This deal will be valid only if you get an allotment if the applicant does not get an allotment then the deal will be canceled. If the applicant and the customer agree in the grey market, then the applicant sells his IPO application to the customer for some money. If the shares are not allotted to the applicant, the transaction does not take place. The applicant who sells the application to the customer at a  price is called the subject to Sauda.

    Let's understand by example:
    You sell your IPO application in the grey market for ₹ 5000, if you are allotted shares on that application, then those shares will belong to the customer and in return, you get ₹ 5000 which is called the subject to Sauda. There is a condition in this that you get ₹ 5000 only if you are allotted shares.
    If the seller does not get any stock during the IPO process, the deal is canceled.


    We are not involved in grey market trading in any way. And do not provide the facility of buying or selling of IPO form.

    We always recommend staying away from any type of trading in the gray market.

    IPO gray market premium can be manipulated to increase the hype of an IPO, so you are requested to consider the gray market premium only as an indicator of the demand for IPO in the market.

    IPO gray market is not regulated or controlled by the exchanges or SEBI due to which you are likely to be cheated which is a risk factor.

    Everything we publish about gray market premiums, cost rates, subject to deal, etc. is sourced from news websites or other websites. We do not buy or sell IPO from IPO in any way in the IPO gray market.

    Reference to IPO Gray Market Premium (IPO GMP) is valid only for the date specified in the header, we are not involved in the buy or sell of IPO form.

    Do not decide to subscribe to the IPO solely on the basis of grey market premium, as it can change at any time before the listing. Do research about the fundamentals and financials of the companies before subscribing.

    Thanks For Visiting & Happy Investing.

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