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SBI SIP Calculator, SBI MF SIP Calculator, SIP Calculator 2024

SBI SIP Calculator, SBI MF SIP Calculator

SIP Calculator (SBI SIP Calculator): SIP calculator is a great tool for every investor who wants to do SIP in share market or mutual funds. The full form of SIP is Systematic Investment Plan. Using SIP calculator, you can calculate the estimated return of your investment after a fixed period of time. Here you can use this SBI SIP Calculator for free of cost for accurate results.
SBI SIP Calculator

    SIP Calculator

    What is SBI SIP Calculator?

    THE SBI SIP calculator is a great tool for every investor to calculate the maturity value of their investments made by you in SBI mutual funds or other SIP plans. This SBI SIP calculator is a very simple and accurate tool with the help of which you can calculate the expected returns and maturity value based on a given time frame before investing in any SIP plans.

    One thing to note here is that since mutual funds are linked to the stock market, the estimated value shown by the SBI SIP calculator may be different from the actual value.

    How does the SBI SIP calculator work?

    SBI SIP calculator gives you an expected amount, which is calculated on the basis of the amount you invest every month, the expected returns mentioned by you, and a given time period. For example, if you invest Rs 5,000 every month for 10 years and get an approximate return of 15%, then after 10 years Rs 6,00,000 invested by you will become Rs 13,93,286.

    How SBI Mutual Fund SIP calculator can help you?

    Through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), you can invest in any mutual fund in a systematic manner. For this, you have to first decide how much money you can invest every month and for how many years you can continue this investment. And what percentage return do you expect on your investment. After this, through SBI Mutual Fund SIP calculator, you can know the maturity amount in a few seconds. If you are not satisfied with the maturity amount, you can re-calculate by changing the amount invested, expected return, and tenure.

    Every year many new companies enter the stock market through IPO (Initial Public Offering). Many investors prefer to invest directly in the stock market instead of in mutual funds. This SIP calculator can also be used by those investors who want to do SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) directly in the stock market.

    What are the benefits of using the SBI MF SIP calculator?

    The following are the advantages of using the SBI MF SIP calculator:
    • The SIP calculator gives you an accurate estimation of SIP returns before investing so that you know the maturity amount of your investment.
    • You can start SIP with a fixed amount to achieve your specific financial goal. Because you can already do your calculation with the SIP calculator.
    • SIP calculation is quite a complicated task. Even if you know how to calculate SIP, it will take you a lot of time to do this calculation. Whereas with the help of the MF SIP calculator, you can do it in a few seconds.
    • The UI of this SIP calculator is user-friendly and easy to use and it will also save you time.
    • With the SIP calculator, you can make a sound financial plan for the future which can help you become a better investor.

    Formula to determine SIP returns

    With the help of this formula, you can calculate SIP returns. The formula to determine SIP returns is as follows:
    M.A.= [P x R x [(1 + i) ^ N-1] ÷ i] x (1 + i)

    M.A. Maturity Amount (Future Amount)
    P = SIP amount
    i = Compound Rate of Return
    R = Expected rate of return
    N = Number of installments made

    For example, suppose here
    If you wish to invest Rs 5000 every month, then P=5000.
    Now you expect a 15% return then R = 15%.
    If you want to continue this investment for 5 years, then the number of installments will be N = 5 x 12, N=60.
    Here the formula to find i is i = R÷100÷N, then i =15÷100÷60, i=0.0025
    M.A.= [5000 X 15 X (1 + 0.0025) ^ (60 - 1) ÷ 0.0025] X (1 + 0.0025)
    M.A. (Maturity amount) = 4,48,408

    That is if you make a SIP investment of Rs.5000. and for a period of 5 years with an expected return of 15%. So this calculator will give you the value of 4,48,408 of the estimated return instantly.
    If you continue your investment in SIP for 25 years, then the expected returns you will get are given in the table below.

    Time PeriodInvested AmountMaturity amount
    1 Year ₹5000₹65,106
    3 Years₹5000 ₹2,28,397
    5 Years₹5000₹4,48,408
    8 Years₹5000₹9,29,683
    10 Years₹5000₹13,93,286
    12 Years₹5000₹20,17,923
    15 Years ₹5000₹33,84,315
    18 Years ₹5000₹55,21,277
    20 Years ₹5000₹75,79,775
    25 Years ₹5000₹1,64,20,369

    How to use the SIP calculator online?

    You can use the SBI SIP calculator available on Happiestpost.com. This SBI MF SIP calculator is very easy to use and absolutely free of cost. All you have to do is enter the relevant data and click on calculate. After that, the calculator will provide you the result instantly as below.

    Or you can follow these steps-
    Step 1: Select the fund of your choice, for example, SBI Bluechip Fund.
    Step 2: In the first column, enter the amount that you will invest every month.
    Step 3: Now choose the time frame of your investment tenure in the next column.
    Step 4: Fill in the annual estimated return in the next column.
    Step 5: Now click on the Calculate button.
    You will get its calculation immediately after clicking on the Calculate button.


    SBI SIP Calculator can be used by you to measure the SIP performance of schemes like SBI Mutual Fund, SBI Bluechip Fund, and SBI Smallcap Fund. This SIP calculator is very easy to use and calculates fast and accurately. We have explained in detail about the SIP calculator above. If you calculate SIP manually then it can be quite a complicated task, so you can use this SIP calculator.

    SIP Calculator FAQs

    What is the full form of SIP?
    SIP's full form is a Systematic Investment Plan.

    What is the SBI small cap fund sip calculator?
    SBI Small Cap Fund SIP Calculator is similar to other SIP calculators except it is used to calculate maturity amount on SIP in particular SBI Small Cap Fund.

    How to calculate sip returns?
    You can easily calculate SIP returns in a matter of seconds with the help of our SIP calculator. We have explained in detail in this article how you can calculate SIP returns manually using the SIP formula.

    How sip is calculated?
    To calculate SIP, in the first column, you have to fill in the amount that you want to invest through SIP every month. Then in the second column, you have to fill in the year i.e. for how many years you want to SIP. After this, you have to fill in the estimated return and click on the calculate button.

    What is the SBI MF SIP calculator?
    The calculator you use to know the total returns or maturity amount on SIP by SIP in any SBI MF (Mutual Funds) is called SBI MF SIP Calculator.

    How to start SIP in SBI?
    To invest in any scheme of SBI Mutual Funds, you can start your SIP by visiting the official website of SBI Mutual Funds.

    How much return can I expect by investing through SIP?
    It totally depends on the investment made by you. This means which mutual funds you have selected. What percentage of return that mutual funds company is able to give you every year and with what amount you have started SIP. Also, it depends on the performance of the stock market and many other factors.

    We hope you like this article about SBI SIP Calculator 2022. If you have a query about SBI SIP Calculator 2023 then, leave a comment or contact us via email. Here you can also find the best calculator like Stock Average Calculator and Profit and Loss Calculator. Thanks for Visiting. Happy Investing.

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