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Below 18 Years old:

If you are under 18 years of age, please seek your parents' permission or guidance. You do not disclose/share your personal information and details (such as bank details, mobile numbers, your personal photos, etc.) with us, we Never ask for your personal details. We are not asking to share your private and personal data/information with us.


You should do research and analysis before buying a share. We stay away from providing any stock market buy/sell tips/recommendations calls because we believe that stock market investment is for those who understand the business, do their own analysis and invest their own time rather than depending (directly or indirectly) on others.

You are requested not to use any kind of hate or abusive speech or remark, hate words,  Spam in the comment. We have the right to delete your comments.

The content of the website contains its own views and expressions which may be different from yours. We are not responsible for any content, expressions, statements and also we cannot 100% confirm the correctness of the information as the information given in the material may be based on the internet and book which may change from time to time

By using our website, you agree with our terms and conditions. By using our services, you also agree that Ticker Post has no liability to you under any concern.


We use various security tools and measures to keep your information secure. Our website has an SSL certificate which is essential for its security.

Happiest Post never demands your personal details like password, bank details, photos, etc. You can also comment anonymously.

You can choose to disable cookies through your personal browser options. To learn more detailed information about cookie management with a specific web browser, it can be found on the browser's respective websites.

Happiest Post does not take any responsibility for the loss of your data, details, and other problems due to any kind of virus and other deadly content.

Happiest Posts does not guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the content. We may change data prior to notice. These Terms of Services may change from time to time, so we encourage you to review the Terms from time to time.

children's information

Another part of our major priority is to add safety for children using the Internet. We encourage parents to monitor, participate in or monitor and guide their online activity. We do not ask for any personal details or bank details. Happiest Post does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from underage children.

Also, stay away from giving any type of stock buying or selling recommendation. We always encourage the investor to do the fundamental analysis of a company before investing in it.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Investing.

Happiest Post.

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